The ONE Thing You Should Do Every Day…

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…to change your life!

During our financial remodel, there were a lot of habits that I changed. We quit our credit cards. Stopped eating out simply because we felt lazy. Set goals and planned for our future in a whole new way. But there was ONE thing that changed how we interacted with and got successful with our money. It was a game-changer.

What got better?

  • I had less anxiety about finances. Almost instantly.
  • I could focus on our goals.
  • Budgeting stopped being so difficult.
  • We were able to give more generously.
  • We enjoyed the things that we spent our money on, without feeling guilty!

This is not a magic cure.

It’s not complicated or HARD to do, I promise.

Are you ready?

I checked my bank account balance.


For years I had my head in the sand. I could go most of the month without looking at my online banking app, and when I would finally hop in to pay the bills (often late, because omg, money is hard), I would generally be SHOCKED (appalled/worried/confused) by the balance.


It seems ridiculous. I work HARD for my paycheque, and so does my husband. That is valuable time we spend away from each other and our kiddo, so we better be making the MOST of the money we make, right? Gah! We were wasting SO much money, without even realizing it.

When I started doing daily check-ins on our finances though, everything changed!

Why the daily check-in helps

As part of our budgeting, we track all of our expenses in EveryDollar. Tracking ( allows me to know how much we have left for expenses like groceries and gas. But it also gives me a constant overview of where we are at in our accounts, and then there are no nasty surprises when I log in or hand my debit card to a cashier and hear “I’m sorry ma’am, your card has been declined” (#theworst).

If you are using cash and an envelope or jar system to keep yourself organized, you are probably drowning in receipts. We don’t use cash; we use our debit cards for every purchase we make, so all of our transactions show up in our chequing account. Just like the receipts can build up in the folds of your wallet, the transactions pile up too, and after a couple of days I can’t remember what got spent where, and catching up in my budget can be hard. And overwhelming. And discouraging.

The whole point of being intentional with your money is to make it EASIER and less overwhelming.

Even on days when I don’t spend anything, I check in at the end of the day to see what’s happening in my bank account. You’d be surprised at what you might find! A charge you weren’t expecting…or worse, that you didn’t authorize. A deposit that you weren’t planning. Even if NOTHING has changed, you still know each and every day where you stand.

Schedule it

I started by scheduling on my to-do list ‘5min DR’. This was my code to think like Dave Ramsey for ten minutes each day. Now that I’ve been rocking intentional finances for a few years, it is just a regular part of my life to do these daily check-ins. And if ever I realize I have gone a few days without checking in, it’s a good time to check myself and ask WHY I’ve been skipping this daily habit and working on getting back on track!

Road with mountains in the background with the text "Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting closer to where you want to be tomorrow."

Sometimes life gets busy. Our to-do lists already feel packed with things to do. But you guys? Taking just five minutes to do a check-in WILL help you to stay focused and moving forward on your goals!

This single habit can change your life.

Can you afford to dedicate five minutes a day to your finances?

I’d bet you can’t afford NOT to.

The one thing you should do every day - this habit is the key to getting out of debt! Read all about it now!

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