• Changing Your Money Mindset

    Let’s talk about shame for a second. When we started this revamp of our life, we owed $65000 on credit cards, student loans, and bank loans. Yes, you read that right. No, I didn’t typo an extra zero in there.…

  • 7 steps to win with your money

    7 Steps to Win with Your Money!

    Setting intentions, or goals, is a great way to be productive in life. It works with money just like it does with healthy living, house cleaning, or home projects. You figure out where you want to be or what you…

  • How we became debt-free! (And how you can too!)

    Are you drowning in debt? Do you dread checking the mail because ANOTHER bill is going to arrive and you can’t face it? Have you tried to get on track with your money but wind up back where you started?…

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