Celebrate a Socially-distant father's day! June 2020 - father's day & social distancing quarantine COVID

Socially-Distant Father’s Day

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You have your traditions: perhaps a yearly game of golf with dad or a backyard barbeque. This year, however, might look a little bit different. Depending on where you live, restrictions may change about who you can see and where you can go, but in the season of quarantine, here are some ideas for celebrating a socially distant Father’s Day. 

Special Delivery

If you’ve lived apart from your dad, you are already a pro at a socially-distanced celebration. 

Think beyond sending a simple card, though! Hop on amazon to order Dad a new book you know he’ll love or a handy tool for all the backyard projects he’s working on! 

Virtual Hangout

One of the many benefits of this whole social distancing business has been people realizing that they are more connected than they realized. With apps like Zoom, Skype, and Meet leaping into popularity, families across the country and around the world are connecting more than ever. 

Want to celebrate Dad? Plan a virtual celebration. You could watch a movie as a family with Netflix Party  – a great new extension that allows you to sync up your viewing experience with your family! Or have a family game night – here’s how!

Digital Experiences

What a time to be alive. You can learn to cook with Gordon Ramsey, filmmaking with Martin Scorsese, and expand your scientific thinking powers with Neil deGrasse Tyson. All while wearing your pyjamas! 

MasterClass delivers a huge range of classes on all sorts of topics; there’s sure to be something that appeals to dad.

You can also tour museums, art galleries, and some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. You could go on the vacation of a lifetime, or rehash your memories from the grand canyon from when you were nine! 

Synchronized Dining

Still want to have Dad’s annual barbeque? Plan the menu, set up a virtual call with the fam, and cook the same meal simultaneously. You can even drop off the ingredients on Dad’s doorstep if you close enough, and include a surprise dessert or his favourite bottle of scotch as a treat! 

Embrace the Chaos

Find a way to add humour to the strangeness of this year. Grab a case of beer for dad and add new labels or check out Etsy for some funny quarantine Father’s Day gifts!

Hang out – from a distance

Depending on where you live, restrictions may be tighter, and this may not be possible. But as the world begins to ‘open back up’, you may feel comfortable setting up lawn chairs and having a visit from across the yard. 

Pops Parade

Organize the siblings, decorate your cars, and honk your way down the street to show dad some socially-distanced father’s day love! Plan to do a couple of laps and then have a drink and a snack in the yard. 

Memory Lane

Spend some time looking through old photos via Facetime and chat about your favourite childhood memories. I’m big on time together as a beautiful gift for this holiday, and I refuse to let social distancing change that for me! Even a nice call and chat is a great way to connect with dad on his special day!

Wrap Up

This Father’s Day might not be what you are hoping for, but that does not mean it can’t be special! If you are looking for more ideas to celebrate dad, check out our Love Languages Father’s Day post from last year for some creative gifts ideas that work with any budget! 

A socially distant Father’s Day is right around the corner – make sure you take some time to plan now! 

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