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Show Dad the love this Father’s Day

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Hands in the air if your dad (or any guy in your life) is one of the tougher people to shop for?

Gah. Me too! My dad and my husband are tricky, and even more so when we have the budget tightened up!

My advice to show dad the love this year:

Figure out their Love Language!

If you aren’t familiar with the idea of Love Languages, I highly encourage you to check out the book(s) by Gary Chapman. Grab a copy of the book (it’s a GREAT read!) or get started with the quiz below.

The basic idea is that everyone gives and receives love differently, and in order to show up best for your partner/children/friends/families, you need to know how best they want to feel your love, and likewise it is important for other people to understand how you need to be loved, too.

Love can show up in 5 different ways, and people generally have a primary love language that means the most to them. The love languages are Acts of service, Words of affirmation, Receiving gifts, Physical touch, and Quality time.

Find out your love language (and those of your favourite dads!) and then check out these ideas to show love this Father’s Day!

Acts of Service

Acts of Service is MY love language. My husband shows his love best when he cleans or tackles a household job without being asked.

If you are looking to show dad love through an act of service, think about the jobs that he does and then take on one of those!

  • clean the car
  • cook him his favourite dinner
  • make coupons for future chores
  • mow the lawn

Words of Affirmation

If dad shows love with words, spend some time writing a thoughtful letter to tell him how much he means to you. You can include the things you are grateful for, your favourite memories together, or how he has inspired you.

Receiving Gifts

Often this love language can seem materialistic, but honestly, it is TRULY the thought that counts. Set a budget and get creative.

If dad loves his morning coffee, you can buy a plain coffee mug from the dollar store and decorate it with Sharpie Markers. Check out this awesome tutorial for more details! (https://www.handmadecharlotte.com/diy-sharpie-mugs/)

Is dad a handyman? Maybe a new tool or gadget is more his style.

Visit out Etsy for personalized and hand-made things that the dad in your life might love!

When all else fails, if you still are stuck for ideas, the gift of treats or dad’s favourite beverage is always a winner! Dan loves trying all sorts of different beers from around the world. A quick trip to the local liquor store I can spend less than twenty dollars, pick out four different beers, and create an at-home beer flight for him!

(If gift giving were his love language, this would be a total spoiler. It’s not though, so I’m good!)

Quality Time

Spending time together and making memories is, in my opinion, the best way to celebrate each other! Plan an outing – a family walk, checking out a new park, exploring a nearby town – time to spend together as a family.

My dad LOVES The Lord of the Rings – one of my favourite childhood memories is him reading the Hobbit to me from his special gold-covered edition. (Not real gold, to be clear!) This Father’s Day I’m going to take him on a special date to see the movie together!

One thing I can’t stress enough, though, if you are giving the gift of time, put away your phones. Disconnect for a few hours. Even if you are just playing a board game together, tuck the tech away in order to really connect with each other.

Physical Touch

People whose love language is physical touch need lots of hugs and shoulder pats, and physical closeness to feel connected and loved. A family snuggle during a movie is a great option, or book a massage for dad to get his tired muscles worked on. Be sure to use your health care benefits (if you have them) – this can be a free gift if you have the coverage!

Wrap Up

However you choose to show dad the love this Father’s Day, make sure you build it into your budget. Remember, budgets aren’t about spending money at all, they are about spending money with intention! Read all about how to set up and rock your budget now!

Father's Day on a budget - gifts and celebration ideas to show dad the love!

And to all the amazing dad’s out there – Happy Father’s Day! (Especially my own sweet daddio!)

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