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The BEST September Budget Reminders

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This post was originally published August 28, 2019. It has been updated to include COVID budget tips.

Where did the summer go?? I blinked and the sunscreen/pool toys/bike-riding days are practically a figment of my imagination again. It is suddenly time to head back to school, and get back into the rhythm of routine that gets lost in the summer. Let’s make sure that your budget is ready for the busy month ahead. Here are a few September budget reminders for the things you might forget!

Fall Sports

Life kicks back into high gear in September. You might be looking at dance, soccer, and swimming in the next few months – adds up quick!

Depending on your season of life and finances, it is also okay not to register your children in every single extracurricular available to them. There is something to be said for a quieter schedule, especially if you are working on paying off debt. When money is tight, let your kids choose ONE activity they’d like to do. And if you can’t afford any activities, guess what? Your kids will be just fine!

PS – This might look different due to COVID too! A silver lining of this quieter, pandemic life may be that you can save a bit of money on extra expenses!

School Fees

Depending on your school board and where you live, you may have school fees and lunchroom fees and other expenses coming up. If you have school-aged kids, make sure you think about this when you set up your September budget!

And don’t forget to bump up the budget for the masks and other COVID supplies you may need to make school a safe place!

September Budget Reminders


Maybe in your house, this isn’t a big deal, but we take our costumes SERIOUSLY. We have been discussing them since November first, and we need to budget for them in advance. (Not to mention all the candy and decor!)

Make sure you check out my Halloween on a Budget post for great suggestions to keep the spooky spirit alive, without spending a fortune!

Fall Fun

As the weather gets that autumn chill, I become obsessed with weekend outings. The sunflower farm is still going strong in early September, and there are plenty of corn mazes and pumpkin patches around us that lend themselves to happy family memories at this time of year. The memories are more joyful, though, when you aren’t scrounging to pay for it. Add these outings into your September budget for some stress-free fun!

New Clothes

With that crisp Fall air rolling in, it’s time for stores to blow out their leftover shorts and tanks. If you find a great sale, grab a few pieces now, to get ready for next year! Same goes with new Fall fashions. Keep your eyes peeled for deals. But with that said, do a cleanout of your closet and consider what you actually NEED. A simplified wardrobe can help you save money and make getting ready in the morning way easier! Check out our back-to-school post for some more tips to save money!


Have you been saving for Christmas all year, like I have been harping about every month, forever? Tucking away $50 or $100 a month from January through December should make the holiday season far less financially stressful.

Do you want to know a secret, though? In years gone by, I haven’t practiced what I preach. Last year I had about $200 saved in my Birthday/Christmas sinking fund. You see, sometimes it is easy to KNOW the right thing but not do it. This year I’ve been setting money aside all year so I feel pretty prepared heading into the holiday season.

If you haven’t started saving yet, do it now. It is not too late!

Wrap Up

These September budget reminders are meant to help you get intentional with your money! Make sure your budget is set before the month begins to Reach for More with your money.

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