Reach Turns ONE - Our celebration of ONE YEAR of blogging!
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Reach turns ONE!

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Reach is turning one! One year ago, on March 17, 2019, I launched this space with no idea what I was doing or where it was heading.

Literally – I didn’t have a clue how to run a web page, or make images, or market this space so that people could read it. All I knew is that I had recently experienced the joy of my debt-free scream, and I knew I had the tools and the passion for sharing it with other people. And so, Reach was born!

Who We Are


This is Dan, my patient (PATIENT) husband, who supports the technical side of things when I get stuck. He figures out the backend questions like how do we have contests and not get sued? How do we send newsletters and not get sued? Basically, how do we do what we do and not get sued!? And how do we make forms for contests? And how do we make them prettier? Plus, he listens to me muse and plan about the big goals I have for this space and never tells me my dreams are too big. He is quite literally my hero.


I have teamed up with our amazing friend Joanna for business meetings and planning sessions – we both have dreams of this space becoming something bigger than we can even imagine yet, and we work hard to take steps towards making that a reality.

Our Instagram sat stagnant for many months before this brilliant woman took it over and began growing it. My cup overflows with gratitude for the learning and commitment she puts into this space, with the belief that someday it will be something more.


Oh hey, it’s ME!

In the past year, I have learned more about marketing, advertising, Pinterest, social media, leadership, and coaching than I ever thought I would need to know. Not to mention the financial education I’ve been actively pursuing, because the story of my journey isn’t enough. I want to know the best ways to attack money stress, goals, and life!

And beyond all of that, I have had the privilege of inspiring change for people, both friends, and strangers. I have seen people take charge of their finances – there is absolutely nothing better than having someone share even their smallest successes with me.

The successes

“I opened a savings account to start my Emergency Fund.”
“I had a conversation with my husband about our goals for the future.”
“We have paid off $45,000 since starting this journey.”

Each of those statements fuels my fire and drive to build tools to help inspire and educate YOU.

Reach for a Million

Well, every single day, I write on my list of dreams that I have for my life “Reach pays off one million dollars.”

My goal is for this incredible community to knock out a million dollars in debt.

A million dollars.

Because I believe being debt-free is the first step towards building wealth and living a financially free life. And money does not buy happiness. But financial peace certainly impacts wellness and the ability to live joyfully.

As of November 2019, Reachers had paid off $238,511 of debt.

If you haven’t started paying off your debts yet, what’s holding you back? Here is where you start:

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The absolute best way to get out of debt
Emergency Funds: How to protect yourself from disaster
How to set up your very first budget

Check out these posts for inspiration, and then get started! You’ve GOT this!

The future

Today we celebrate that Reach turns one! But – I have big dreams for this space. My dream is for this community to grow and grow, to spread the word to as many people as possible that everyone can Reach for more with their money. Big goals are possible to achieve with hard work and determination, and a support team to help get you there!

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And stay tuned – 2020 is just beginning and we have BIG plans this year!

We are celebrating - REACH turns one!!!
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