Power of Success – Part Two

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It’s finally time! If you are a regular Reach follower, you might have already read the first half of my Power of Success recap. But, if you missed it, check it out HERE! Today I’m digging into the headlining acts – Rachel Hollis and Tony Robbins!

Rachel Hollis

I have no shame in how much I adore the work Rachel Hollis and the Hollis Company do. The notion of creating a community of humans who are not all the same, but who love on each other and build each other up is 100% my life’s dream. I’ve read her books, watched her live streams, and feel invested in her life in that creepy way that we tend to do with celebrities. And if this were some random actress or popstar that I was fawning over, I’d be filled with shame and would keep my love a secret.

But! The message this woman is sharing has inspired my life so greatly and made me an infinitely better person. She kicked my ass to follow the calling on my heart to support people getting intentional with their money, and reach for more with my life, and that is WHY we have this space. I am so grateful for the connections I have made through this community and the challenges I have taken on because of her coaching. So – I shall sing my love from the rooftops! Let’s GOOOOOOO!

When it was announced that she would be joining the Power of Success lineup, we instantly bought tickets. And I’ll admit, we spent too much money, but both me and Jo (my most amazing super-friend) tweaked our budgets to make it work and it was worth every single penny. I was giddy all day, just knowing that Rach (and Dave!) were in the same city, same building as us. Like, butterflies in my stomach, hand-sweating giddy!

In true Rae-Rae fashion, she took the stage to Beyonce, and I swear it was the same feeling I had when Ricky Martin took the stage when I was 16. We were dancing our butts off, and I KNOW that there were thousands of other people in the room who were too.

But here’s the thing… most of the people who had VIP and Platinum seats weren’t back from lunch yet. And these are the front and center seats. As best I can tell, something got delayed in the morning, which meant lunch started late. And that dominoed into everything being a bit rushed. So – to me, from the very front row next to the empty VIP/Platinum seats, I felt like we disappointed her. The energy was low, and as people drifted in from lunch, it just felt…flat.

NOT Rachel. She was INCREDIBLE. And maybe you were there and didn’t feel that at all and you think I’m crazy. Hit me up in the comments with your thoughts, but those are mine!

Now… on to the show!

I VOWED to be present during her whole keynote. I took one picture…

…not my finest (or her finest)

…and I wrote next to nothing in my notebook…

(pardon my language!)

I just sat and watched this tiny powerhouse of a woman speak honesty and truth into the 8 thousand people in the room.

We laughed, we cried, we nodded enthusiastically because everything she said was true.

My Takeaways

  • stop holding yourself back
  • put your head down and do the hard work
  • do not give up just because things get hard
  • never take no for an answer
  • you can learn anything you need to, for free, on the internet
  • no time is not an excuse – you have time, you just might not make time
  • you are worthy of more

When she was nearly done, I wrote the word WOW in my book because I couldn’t believe how full my heart was from a mere 40-minute keynote. There is a reason Rachel is as successful as she is – she is AMAZING at what she does.

The last words I wrote – Follow nothing but your heart – are not verbatim what she said. But it was her final sentiment to us that day, and the words I wrote are song lyrics that I’ve wanted in a tattoo for a very long time. This seemed like a great reminder of her whole mission.

If you haven’t read her outstanding books, but I’ve inspired you to dig into your life and be better, I cannot recommend them enough.

Grab Girl Wash Your Face and Girl Stop Apologizing from Amazon now!

Now, on to the grand finale of the day…

Tony Robbins

First of all, let me tell you – I had heard about Tony, but was not a devout follower and really didn’t know much about him. This was my very first Tony Robbins experience, and WOW, he did NOT disappoint.

The very first thing I can say – this man is a beast. Not just his sheer size, but his energy, his honesty, his heart. He has a gift for engaging the crowd and shifting the energy in the room like no one I have ever seen. More than any rock show I have ever been to, Tony had the crowd on their feet, moving their bodies, increasing their heart rates and screaming their heads off.

Tony Robbins - Power of Success

During the whole day, I observed the people around me. At the beginning of the FIVE hours (yes, he spoke for five HOURS!), people were going through the motions of jumping and dancing and shouting on command. Tony doesn’t just demand commitment – he creates a physical energy that you can’t deny. By the end of the day, I didn’t see anyone who wasn’t giving it their ALL, myself included. Self-consciousness fades away as you connect with a room of 8,000 other like-minded people, and suddenly you are shrieking like a feral animal, doing running hugs with the people around you and laughing so hard your sides ache.

Have I made it sound like a cult? Maybe I have. I promise it wasn’t like that! There was just some sort of magic in the room that I can’t accurately describe with words.

So, aside from a lot of movement and noise, what else did we learn from Mr. Robbins?


To master something, you have to understand it, feel it, and do it so many times it is automatic.

The Success Cycle

Your potential leads to action, and then results. Your results build your certainty and belief in yourself, which increases your potential. If you don’t believe in yourself, you limit your potential. SO, you have to create the result so vividly in your mind you change your belief. Once you are certain you can do it, you are more likely to reach your potential.

Emotional Fitness

We need to break the patterns that are holding us back – this means doing what is uncomfortable.


Failure results from a lack of resourcefulness. What is the ultimate resource? Emotion. Creativity, Commitment, Determination, Certainty, Flexibility, Connection, Compassion, and Vision. These resources can help you solve any problem.


Be true to your word. In other words, stop negotiating with yourself – if you say you are going to do something, do it.

Science of Achievement

In order to achieve, you need:

  • Focus – the power of absolute clarity & commitment.
  • Massive Action – if something doesn’t work, try something different.
  • Grace – the more you acknowledge, the more you get.


Find what fulfills you.


Life is too short to suffer. Decide NOT to suffer and start living in a beautiful state. Anticipate what is going to challenge this commitment – what triggers your suffering, and how can you break the pattern? Finally, end suffering as it arises – you get ninety seconds to address it so that it never gets too overwhelming.

This Cole’s-notes version of the day honestly doesn’t do it justice, but I don’t think anything could compare to seeing it in real life. Attending another Tony Robbin’s event is now firmly on my life list.

The day ended with the most beautiful meditation I’ve ever had the privilege of participating in. Eight thousand people, hands over their hearts, FEELING their most grateful moments from the past and the future. I had tears streaming down my face, and I know I wasn’t alone. I hope I never forget how I felt at that moment, the energy of that space, or the sound of Tony’s voice encouraging us. It was absolute magic.

The Power of Success for me?

How will I find success? Gratitude. Hard work. Integrity. Certainty. Continuous learning and personal development.

Above all – thank YOU for being here. If you have a dream on your heart, we have something in common. THIS is my dream.

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