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October Budget Reminders

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This post was originally published on September 27, 2019. It has been updated to add COVID considerations.

Cue the door creeeeaaaaaak…. don’t worry! It’s just me, creeping in with some October budget reminders to help you stay intentional through the rest of the year! Set your October budget early with these reminders, and stick with it. Let’s go into the end of 2020 strong.


Halloween in our house is a big deal. We’ve been debating our costumes for a year. (For real.) Don’t forget to add some budget room for costumes, decorations, and of course, candy! (And then the extra candy that you’ll need on October 30th when you have eaten all the treats you bought in September!) Check out Halloween on a Budget for some low-cost ideas to get spooky and still stick to your budget!!

Not sure what Halloween will look like this year? You should still make sure your budget is prepared.

Holiday Travel

Do your Thanksgiving (or Christmas) plans involve traveling? Make sure you build that into your budget. A little extra gas money, or saving for flights – whatever that looks like for your family, you’ll make the festivities less stressful by planning ahead.

This fall might look different, as far as celebrating holidays goes. Think about your plans and make sure your budget is aligned!

Fall Food

Pumpkin. Spice. Everything. I get it! I love to try new recipes at this time of year. That means a little increase in my food budget. You don’t need to add a whole new line for nutmeg on your budget, but if you like to get into the kitchen more when the weather chills and the leaves start falling, bump up your food budget a bit to make sure you are prepared.

Fall Photo Shoots

I LOVE getting a new family photo at this time of year: the autumnal colours, the cute outfits, and the leftover summer tans. The trouble is, booking a photoshoot every fall might be out of the budget. A few years ago we opted for this selfie and printed it at Costco, and last year I think we skipped the tradition altogether. However, if you are planning Fall Family Photos, build it into your budget. And check out Groupon for a good deal on a session!

October Budget Tricks
A family photoshoot on the cheap - embrace the selfie!

Cold-weather Clothes

Winter boots. Snowsuits. Gloves, because for some reason all that’s left from last winter’s collection is one left-hand mitten and a pink Hello Kitty child’s glove. If you need to replace any of last years items or buy new boots because your kiddo grows 17 sizes per season (!!!), get your budget ready for those expenses.

Beyond the standard snowsuit, you may want to plan ahead for any outdoor activities too. The spring brought us a run on toilet paper, lysol wipes, and puzzles. Grab new skates or skies now, before they sell out!

BBQs & Patio Furniture

Did summer leave you wanting an outdoor refresh? Shop the sales! Stores do blow-out deals on leftover inventory, which means you can get perfectly good outdoor items on the cheap.

Word on the street is that patio heaters are selling out fast right now. Everyone wants to get their outdoor space ready for outdoor autumn hangouts! Don’t miss out.

Christmas Sinking Fund

Scriiiitch. What’s that? Oh, it’s the sound of me being a broken record! Start saving for Christmas. Read it again: start saving for Christmas. Or whatever holiday you celebrate! Get intentional so that when December comes, you aren’t turning to your old friend Visa to help cover the difference! (And if you have been Reaching for a while, and you are already well on your way to a Christmas fund, HIGH FIVES!)

October Budget Reminders - What do you need to add to YOUR budget?

Wrap Up

Get those October budgets ready for fall fun by starting early. Set your budget before the month begins, and check-in with it often through the month to make sure you are staying on track! Come join us on Facebook to share your October budget reminders!

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