Mother's Day from a distance - How to celebrate mother's day during quarantine
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Mother’s Day from a Distance

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And this year we are super limited on how we celebrate, because of the whole global-pandemic thing! But just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean mom’s don’t deserve a celebration! It just means we have to be a bit more creative! I’ve scoped the web for as many isolation-friendly Mother’s Day ideas as I can find! Whether you are separated by real distance, social distancing, or you’ve been home with the kids for weeks already – we’ve got you.

Ship Direct

Since online shopping is still going strong, you can do your shopping from the safety of your home and have it sent right to mom’s doorstep! Lots of places have a gift-wrapping service available, too, so you can add a special touch to the package!

Shop Local

I’m ALL about supporting my local restaurants and shops, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Send mom delivery dinner from her favourite restaurant, donuts from her fave bakery, or a beautiful bouquet from a local flower shop!


If you’re on social media, you’ve probably seen the new trend of drive-by birthday parades. Getting people together to drive by with posters and decorations, to cause a scene from a safe distance, may be a fun way to show mom the love, especially in a big family!

Virtual Family Time

Since you can’t be together in one place, schedule an online hang-out! The world of remote learning and working from home has opened the door to the use of technology for connection like never before. Whether you use Zoom or FaceTime or a Google Meet – there are lots of options to connect with mom!

Mail Out

Take some time writing a letter to mom, telling her all the things you love about her, sharing your favourite memories, or some pictures that she’ll enjoy. Getting mail is fun and will add a personalized touch to the day!

At Home Holiday

If the kids still live at home, then mom is probably all sorts of exhausted. Between working remotely, juggling school work, keeping up with the house, entertaining the masses, and dealing with the emotional overload that these past few months have brought us? Ex.Haus.Ted!

Create an at-home holiday for mom by giving her the day completely off. Release her from all responsibility. Take the kids for a long walk. Make her breakfast in bed. Encourage her to have a nap or a bath or whatever she wants to do – all. day. long!

Make a Gratitude Video

Become a director of your own movie montage to show mom the love. Record a video thanking mom for the lessons and love she has shared with you. Include videos from the whole family – siblings and grandchildren and spouses – sharing favourite memories, experiences, and gratitude.

Wrap Up

Mother’s Day is coming up quickly. And although the world is in a bit of chaos right now, you can still make it special for the amazing mommas in your life!

Still looking for inspiration? Check out Mother’s Day with Love (and a Budget) for some more budget-friendly ideas!

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Mother's Day from a distance - How to celebrate mother's day during quarantine
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