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More Tips to Save Money

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Oh hello! Last week we hit you with some new strategies to save money on food. Today we are coming in hot with some more tips to save money around the house. These tips could help you during the current crisis, but will also be helpful as the world goes back to ‘normal’ – whatever that might look like!

Tips to Save Money 

Drive less

If you are staying home (please, please stay HOME), you are probably driving less, which means less money spent on gas! 

Turn the lights off

Let’s all channel our dad’s when we were teenagers, and nag each other to turn the lights off. In the days of LED lightbulbs and power-saving features, I don’t know how much this tip saves. But seriously, every little bit helps, right!?


While the energy draw of each appliance is minimal, they all add up. By unplugging devices when they are not in use (things like countertop appliances or entertainment gadgets), you can save a few hundred dollars a year. 

Turn the heat down

Instead of paying to run your furnace day in and day out, turn the heat down a bit and put on a sweater. 

Now turn it down more

Don’t freeze your family, but a great economical way to save is to turn the heat down at night, too!

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Open a window

Depending on your climate, you might be looking at your air conditioner instead of your fireplace. When the temperature starts to rise, open your windows to let a fresh breeze in, rather than paying to run your AC. 

Fill it up

Don’t run the dishwasher every night on the way to bed, just because you’ve always done it then. Instead, make sure it is full first! 

Turn it down again

Check your water heater. Lots of us set our temp too high, and that is a costly (and sometimes dangerous) mistake. Lower the temperature to 49 degrees (celsius) for some good savings. 

Check your rates

Call your insurance provider – especially if you aren’t driving to work right now. You can change your coverage to match your needs and save a good chunk of money! 

Cut the subscriptions

Do not get me wrong. This is NOT the time to cut the Netflix or Disney+ cords. But! If you have a subscription service that you aren’t maximizing, make sure you cancel it. Game services, fitness programs, delivery subscriptions of clothes or makeup, or whatever. 

Set a timer

Baths and showers can use up a lot of water (and money)! Try to cut back the length of your showers or cut down on the frequency to save on your water bill. 

Cut back on entertainment

Kids do not require daily play place outings or streams of expensive toys to be happy. Amazon can be tempting, but also expensive. Find cheaper ways to make happy family memories – dice or card games, family walks, reading stories together. Or (gasp) let them be bored. Kids’ minds are meant to be creative. When we allow them to get bored, they learn to tap into their imaginations! 

Mend instead of throw out

A lost button or a torn knee is no reason to get rid of your clothes. Some very simple sewing skills allow you to patch and mend your favourite outfits – keep them out of the landfill, and your money in your pocket!

Make trades

Rather than getting rid of your things and buying new, make trades with your friends or coworkers. Games for kids or grown-ups, puzzles, books, movies, even clothes. 

(Obviously, during this season of physical distancing, do this with the appropriate cautions!)

Avoid stress spending

You guys. I know that life is feeling bleak right now and that hopping onto amazon can make that feel mildly better. For a minute. But when you are trying to cut back on expenses, the frivolous spending will cause more stress down the road. 

When you get the urge to shop, ask yourself honestly: Do I need this? 

If the answer is no, try to replace the spending habit with something else. Exercise. Read a book. Phone a friend. Create some art. Watch a movie. 

All of those alternatives will distract you from your desire to shop and will help reduce stress too!

Make it visible

If you have a goal to pay off your debt or save your full emergency fund (usually 3-6 months of expenses), create a tracker to keep your goal visual. 

Check out our ideas of trackers HERE.

Find a community of support

Having people to help you is a great way to stay focused on these tips to spend less money. Share these ideas with a friend and then check in with each other for accountability.  

AND…you can always join our Facebook community for daily motivation and tips! 

Focus on your goal

Think carefully about what you want your life to look like. Do not let a stormy season destroy your dreams for the future. When life goes back to normal, you will regret letting go of your vision of the future. 

Don’t use isolation or the Covid fear act as an excuse to spend more, to use your credit cards, to ignore your finances. Work harder on your goals now, so that you come out stronger on the other side!


Why not use some of this extra time to unsubscribe from marketing emails that might tempt you to spend. Out of sight, out of mind!


Another productive job during this global pause is going through all.the.things. Sort through every drawer, shelf, and closet to get rid of the things that do not serve you. 

And while you’re at it, you can do some virtual garage sale-ing. Doorstep pick up is a great, physically distant selling strategy. 

Wrap Up

These tips to save money are going to be useful in the months to come, but this is also your chance to start new habits that will build your savings forever. 

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tips to save money that you don't want to miss!
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