March budget reminders
Monthly Budget Reminders

March Budget Reminders

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Spring is in the AIR!! Or at least I seriously hope it is, you guys. I’m ready for warmer days and flower buds and planning my garden. But realistically, based on where I live, that may just be daydreaming for now. What I can do is plan a solid March budget, so that when spring does arrive, I am ready for it! Check out these March budget reminders for some tricks to perfect your budget! 

Spring Break 

Whether you are heading on a trip or planning a stay-cation, make sure you are intentionally saving for it. Build your expenses into your budget now, so you aren’t scrambling and turning to your credit cards. 

Spring Sports

Your schedule might not be jam-packed quite yet, but you know it’s coming. We have Spring soccer in the plan, plus it is dance competition season – it’ll be a busy few months, to say the least! Don’t forget to budget now for these upcoming expenses, to make them easier to handle when they arrive!

St. Patrick’s Day

Yesterday I saw shamrock PJ pants and Tshirts at Superstore. Super cute. But do we really need pajamas for every themed day out there? Just my grumpy-old-lady musings! Bump up your budget for your green beer and Kiss Me, I’m Irish T-shirts. 

Summer Savings

Just like we are saving for Spring Break, which is right around the corner, it’s also time to start saving for summer break. I start a camping sinking fund in March and start looking for deals on summer activities. Our local amusement park runs a huge spring deal on seasons passes, so I am saving a bit for that this month. Check out what is going on in your area to score an early-bird deal. 

AND – if your kids go to summer camps, those can be expensive! Make sure you are planning ahead by saving now!

Prom & Grad

Dresses, flowers, all the trimmings, and trappings of a magical night. If you are past the season of summer camps, you may be on to prom and grad. Add them into your budget if you know those expenses are coming your way soon. 

Seasonal Clothes

Chances are your kids don’t fit into last year’s summer wear. Time to spring clean your closets to take stock of what you have and what you need, and then head to your local thrift shops to score some deals on shorts and Ts! This is also a great time to replace your worn-out winter wear, as stores are rocking clearance sales to make room for new stock.


You wouldn’t think Easter would come up as a huge expense, but those chocolate and candy treats add up FAST, and like with every holiday these days, there seems to be a ‘bigger-better-more’ mentality that leads to extravagant baskets filled with toys and gifts. What ever happened to foil-wrapped eggs and jelly beans? 

Easter is April 12 this year. You have time to a, budget for it, and b, get creative with some fun, low-cost ways to create Easter bunny surprises! 

Outdoor Upgrades

I am SO excited about this one. Last spring, we realized that there was no life left in our barbeque. And since we were still saving our Emergency Fund, and bouncing back from a few setbacks along the way, we put off buying a new one. But now that we have our Emergency Fund full, I can build some BBQ savings into the budget. 

Take some time to think about what outdoor projects you might be taking on this year and get intentional about how you will pay for them. You don’t need to fund the whole thing in March, but this is a reminder to add it to your budget so that you are saving each month for the next few and can pay cash for whatever your plans are.

Tax Prep

I love love love tax time. I’m a weirdo, right? But doing my own taxes has been something I have loved doing for as long as I have been grown up enough to do it. However, I know not everyone shares my tax joy. Make sure you set aside the money you will need to get your taxes done, whether that’s the cost of online filing or getting your taxes done by a pro! 

March Budget Reminders

Wrap Up

As you set up your March budget, don’t’ forget to align it with your goals. If your number one money goal right now is paying off debt, try to put as much money towards that as possible. Or, if you are saving for a summer vacation, get that fully funded before you plan your backyard remodel. Bottom line: your money will work when you tell it where to go. YOU decide what it gets spent on, so get intentional and Reach for your dreams. 

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