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How is your year going? I have been meaning to write about doing a mid-year check-in, but we’re a bit past the mid-year point now, aren’t we? What can I say, life gets busy! 

So instead of in the middle of the year, I want to do a right-now check-in. How are you doing with your goals? Are you where you hoped you would be at this point in the year? Maybe you are ahead of the game, and yes, there is the possibility that you are behind. 

Wherever you are, I want you to do ONE thing: do.not.give.up! 

This is a tricky time of year for people. For one thing, it’s BUSY. Between the various holidays and all of the fun Fall activities we try to cram in, there’s barely a moment to sit and reflect. It’s also very near the promised FRESH START of January 1st. So it’s common (and easy!) to say: ah, well, I didn’t reach my goal THIS year, but I’ll try again in January. 

Don’t fall into this trap! The year is not over! Most importantly, you CAN make some major progress on your goals between now and December 31st. 

The last 90 days

What if you embraced these final 90 days with the same intensity you imagine yourself leaping into the new year with? Imagine yourself starting 2020 already halfway around the track, rather than on the starting blocks.

I am a part of Rachel Hollis’ Last 90 Days challenge which means I am maximizing my energy and momentum so that I am heading towards the new year at full speed. You do not have to wait for the calendar to change pages to begin your goals. You can start today! 

Just like I’m getting more intentional with my healthy habits, you can get intentional with your budget and finish this year STRONG! 

You might be thinking:

“What?! Is she actually asking us to rock our budget through the toughest, busiest months of the year?”

You bet I am! My first real month of budgeting was in November of 2017. November!! Trying to navigate Christmas and all the things that come up in those final two months of the year, without any savings, and a new drive to get out of debt? It was hard

You can’t wait for things to be easy to start. 

Start Today - take on the last 90 days of the year strong. Join our budget bootcamp and get intentional with your financial goals!

AND! By starting now, it will mean you are miles ahead by the time you make your New Year’s Resolution in 90 days! 

Start today!

Here’s the thing. We have three months left in the year. And maybe you thought you would be farther along in your goals. Or perhaps you have been considering getting on a budget and taking control of your finances, but you’ve found excuses each month not to. 

First: you don’t need a new year. 

Further: you don’t even need a new month. 

Finally: you can start RIGHT NOW! 

To get you started, we are launching a 5-day free Budget Bootcamp. Sign up below, and we’ll send you five days of budget know-how to get you set up and ROCKING your budget! 

FREE Five Day Budget Bootcamp
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They say it takes about three months to get a budget hammered out. Instead of waiting to START in January, how about you start now, so you are already ahead of the pack when the new year begins? 

Let’s do this!! 

Sign up for our Budget Bootcamp now, and jump on over to Facebook to join our community for encouragement and more tips and tricks! 

Last 90 Days - Budget style - End the year strong by pushing yourself to create and stick to a budget. Plus: join our budget bootcamp!
FREE Five Day Budget Bootcamp
We keep your data private and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. Read our Privacy Policy.
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