A list of all of my favourite things - these are the tools I use to level up my life and live with intention every single day!
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A few of my favourite things

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In honour of Valentine’s day, I decided to create a round-up of some of my favourite things! These are the tools I love that keep me intentional and on track in my life (plus some things I love that simply bring me joy!). Think raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, but more practical! 


Total Money Makeover

This was the book that started it all for me. While I don’t agree with all the things, I can safely say that this book changed my life. If you need a guide to walk you through the process of getting out of debt and taking charge of your finances, this is where to start! 

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Girl, Wash Your Face

I know that not everyone lives and breathes the Hollis kool-aid, but I most certainly do. This woman’s inspiring, no b-s take on self-improvement and great achievement has been transformational for me. If you need to shake up your life, if you think you are stuck in a rut or wondering about your purpose – buy this (or grab it from the library) now!! 

Girl, Stop Apologizing

If Girl, Wash Your Face was the wake-up call, Girl, Stop Apologizing is the to-do list for how to make your dreams a reality and live into your best life.

Maybe You Should Talk to Somone

My first non-fiction choice of 2020, I listened to the audiobook, and I LOVED it. I believe that normalizing therapy is a necessary step of human growth – it’s not something we do because there is something wrong with us. Therapy is how we level up our lives. Lori Gottlieb weaves an engaging account of her work in both the therapist chair and the patient chair.

And some of my fave fiction indulgences from this past year:


The Mindful Kind

Rachael Kable is a sweet mindfulness coach from Australia. She drops her podcast weekly with tips and strategies to live mindfully. These short episodes are the perfect reminder of how to live with intention and gratitude, how to overcome life’s challenges and create habits that sustain your mental and physical well-being.

Armchair Expert

This podcast is a funny glimpse into the lives of some of your favourite celebrities and experts. BUT. It is SO much more than that! Dax and Monica are looking for goodness in the world, delving into the stories, hardships, and setbacks that make people who they are. I have laughed and cried and learned so much from this show, and I cannot recommend it enough! 

Rise & Rise Together

Two for one! Rise is Rachel Hollis’s business podcast, where she provides real-life strategies to grow your business and develop as a human being. Rise Together is Rach and her husband, Dave, exploring the world of being a couple, showing up for your family, and becoming a better person each and every day. Both very much worth listening to!

Straight Up with Trent Shelton

This podcast is new on my list of favourite things – it only came out in December, and I have actually only listened to the first few episodes. BUT! This guy spits FIRE in the motivational world and I come away every single time feeling inspired and ready to take on my life with intention! Check it out right now if you are ready to get honest and make changes!


Morning coffee

This may seem like a silly thing to be put on my ‘things I love list’, but hear me out. I only get to drink one cup of coffee a day. Even when I try to drink decaf, more than one cup and I am a jittery mess. It’s just not worth it to feel so crummy. So – I savour this one cup. I hold it in my hands, enjoy the warmth of the mug and the smell of the vanilla creamer. I appreciate each sip to the fullest! 

Start Today Journal 

Whether you have a fancy prompt-filled journal or a plain old notebook from the dollar store, I cannot recommend this practice enough. Every morning I write down five things I am grateful for, ten dreams I have for my life, and then the habits that help get me there. You can read more about this awesome practice and buy an official HoCo STJ journal here.

BUT – you do not NEED anything fancy. I do this daily practice in a basic, spiral-bound journal. The key isn’t what you write it in; it’s just that you write it at all. 


I am not really a jewelry gal. But if I wear anything, it’s these three bracelets. Here is how they serve me, beyond just looking cute!

Top: A few years ago, I was lucky enough to share a circle with 19 amazing humans during the first two courses of my Master’s work. We came away with a bracelet that celebrates each one of us, to carry the power of circle with us wherever we go. 

Middle: This one was a gift from my love…for our anniversary, maybe? The black stones are lava rocks that I use for essential oils to inspire gratitude, energy, and happiness. A quick way for me to tune into my senses and replenish my energy.

Bottom: Finally, another Rachel shout out. This Own Your Present bracelet was a gift that I got for participating in a year-long coaching series. It reminds me that my future is in MY control. I get to decide how my story will go. 

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Insight Timer

If you are into meditation at all, this app is a beautiful resource for guided practice and a timer that is completely customizable. I use this app every day, choosing meditations that meet my needs and grow my practice. Check it out and reach out to let me know which meditations are your favourite! 

Start meditating now!

Every Dollar

I’d be remiss in making this list and not guide you to a great budgeting tool. Now, I generally use EveryDollar on my desktop, but it has a great app that you can use on the go too. It’s very user-friendly and aligns with zero-based budgeting.


Part of being more intentional with my time in the past year has been cutting down on the mindless scrolling on social media. I can waste way too many minutes (hours!!) without doing anything or consuming anything of value. So, to beat that bad habit, I replaced it with a good one!

I use the Scribd app on my phone so that when I have 5 minutes to zone out, I can jump into a great read no matter where I am. Plus, they have an incredible selection of audiobooks, so I can listen during my morning commute! Time well spent!

Use this link to get 60 days FREE!

Picture Cross

Sometimes I need to just tune out. And yes, that means I still scroll Insta or Facebook. But I also play this cool game – it is kind of a combination of colouring and sudoku. A little tricky to get started, but definitely addictive!

Look it up in your App store now!  


Bike Riding

I hadn’t been on a bike in 20 years when we decided to invest in family bikes last spring. I was hesitant to make the investment, but! It was the best money we’ve ever spent! Riding around our city with my boys is truly my happy place.

Escape Rooms & Scavenger Hunts

My favourite friend date: an hour in an escape room where we work together to solve our way out, followed by a plate of nachos and a beer. Hanging with my friends while using my brain – the best! And, Dan and I love to explore different neighbourhoods or cities using scavenger hunt apps – learning a bit of history and seeing places we wouldn’t otherwise see! 


I usually watch one half-hour show a night, depending on how tired I am when the day is done. So you can bet I am super fussy about watching things that fill my heart with joy. 

My top picks right now:

Schitt’s Creek, The Good Place (even though it’s over!), New Amsterdam, and The Office (always)

Last but not least, a quick shout out to…

My favourite humans!

These boys are the light in my life. My days start and end, filled with love and gratitude for them both. 

My number one support team. They have taught me to love unconditionally and to chase my dreams with focused determination. 

This girl is the powerhouse behind our Instagram and believes in the mission of this business with her whole heart. We have been rocking it together for over a decade and I’m so thankful to the dodgeball team that brought us together!

Wrap Up

I feel a bit like Oprah, giving you a list of my favourite things. I’m just sorry I can’t GIVE you some of these things, to level up YOUR life!

At the end of the day, I hope you came away with some resources or thoughts that inspire you to live with intention and take charge of your life.

If YOU want to be one of my favourite things, I’d love love love it if you would share this post on social or Pinterest!

Check out this list of my favourite things - books, podcasts, and things I use to be intentional with my life!


Want inspiration and tips dropped right into your inbox? Our newsletter is full of useful tips and motivation to REACH for more with your money and your life. Don't miss it!
We know how important your privacy is and share your data only with third parties that make this service possible. Read our Privacy Policy.

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