Changing Your Money Mindset

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Let’s talk about shame for a second.

When we started this revamp of our life, we owed $65000 on credit cards, student loans, and bank loans.

Yes, you read that right. No, I didn’t typo an extra zero in there. SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Ugh.

And do you know what? That was embarrassing.

There was shame in that number because from the outside we felt like EVERYONE ELSE had their sh*t together, so why didn’t we?

Likewise, we probably looked like WE had it all together, but we were legit drowning. We were embarrassed and overwhelmed. We wanted to make that number go away in secret and never speak about it again, and I would NEVER have publically posted that amount for you all to see.

Today, I basically shout it from the rooftops. Do you know why?

EVERYONE IS STRUGGLING IN SOME CAPACITY whether it’s finance, or work, or communication, or health, or relationships. WHATEVER. No one is perfect. And I’ve learned that MY struggle can serve to teach others, to help others change their lives.

How powerful is that?!

So I am over the feeling of shame and embarrassment.

Our society has trained us to go bigger/better/buy more/spend more/go on more vacations/just charge it to the credit card and pay it off later/it doesn’t matter.


We can choose to live our lives differently, and we DO NOT have to feel shame or embarrassment from our past mistakes.

I am OVER the stigma.

I am OVER not talking about it.

I am OVER the shame of debt and money issues.

When you let go of the past and get honest with your starting point, you are saying ‘good-bye’ to shame. By taking a good look at ALL of your debt, at the true state of your finances, you are arming yourself with the information needed to make a plan. Letting go of any shame you have allows you to embrace the future. To set goals and make plans. THIS is how we make progress in our lives.

Whether you are in debt or not, whether you have 100K in savings or not, whatever your situation is…

Congratulations on being here.

For moving forward from wherever your starting point is, towards wherever your goal might be.
For letting go of any shame you carry around the subject of money.
For working your butt off to REACH for more in your life.


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