budget-friendly teacher gifts

Budget-Friendly Teacher Gifts

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Let me start by saying you do not have to buy gifts for your kiddos’ teachers. But, if you plan to, why not get them something they will love, AND something in your budget? It’s not that we don’t appreciate the teacher themed Christmas ornament or mug, because we appreciate ALL of your kind gestures. But know that your gift will be one of many teacher-themed mugs/ornaments/signs that we’ve gotten over the years. Here are a few creative, budget-friendly teacher gifts that are sure to get an A+!

Something to look forward to 

I’ll sing it from the rooftops – you can’t go wrong with gift cards. Whether it is for coffee, a bookstore, or a spa; a gift card allows teachers to choose what THEY want, a little indulgence that they might have skipped out on otherwise. 

At the end of the school year, we got our son’s teacher a gift card to a local ice-cream shop. She has a two-year-old at home, and we thought a summer ice-cream date with her family would be a great choice! Maybe not perfect for Christmas, but the sentiment of “hey, you have a family and other interests” is important!

Something from the class

Organizing a class gift saves everyone money. Ask each family to put in $5 or $10 – it adds up fast, and you can get a fantastic gift card or create a basket of goodies of their favourite things. 

Something cute (but not cliche)

I’m positive that there are teachers out there who LOVE getting apple-teacher-crayon themed everything. So forgive me for this, but I already give my heart to my job, so I don’t need my coffee mug to remind me of what I do. But what I would love is a cute set of wooden magnets like these: 

They are available as ornaments or magnets – perfect gifts for teachers to give to students too! If you order them as magnets, they are useful in the classroom, they are beautiful, but they don’t shout “I’M A TEACHER” at everyone who walks in the room! 

Shop these magnets and ornaments here!

Something Useful

Show me a teacher who doesn’t love some new stationery supplies! Fun pens, sticky notes, or a new notebook – these would be a hit with most teachers I know! 

Something to grow 

There are some days I walk into school before the sun rises, and don’t step foot back outside before the sun is well on the way to bed again. I love a little reminder of nature and growth in my classroom. A small potted plant is a beautiful way to show your appreciation!  

Something to Read

Perhaps my favourite gifts of all time are the hand-written notes and cards I’ve gotten from students AND parents. Tell the teacher how much you appreciate them. A letter from the heart doesn’t cost a thing. Plus it lets them know they are making a difference in your child’s life, which is why they are doing this huge work in the first place!

Wrap Up

Here is my final budget-minded reminder: your gifts don’t have to cost a fortune. You can easily spend less than ten dollars, or even no dollars at all, to show your favourite teachers a little holiday cheer. If you are looking for more holiday saving advice, check out budget-friendly gift ideas and 6 questions to ask yourself for the jolliest Christmas ever!

We are wondering – what are your favourite budget-friendly teacher gifts? Hit us up in our Facebook group to join the conversation!

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