The whol ABCs of Intentional Finance series, all in one spot!

  • L is for Love - Money and Marriage

    L is for Love – Managing Money and Marriage

    First comes love, then comes marriage … then comes the inevitable fights about money and spending and saving and dang! This is hard! Finding your one person is hard enough, but then learning how to manage money together? No wonder…

  • I is for Intention - find out the absolute best ways to get intentional with your money and your life!

    I is for Intentional Living

    Intention. I use this word a LOT, and I thought it was time for us to dig into what it really means. “Intention: a determination to act in a certain way; an aim or plan.” So when I talk about…

  • G is for Goals

    G is for Gettable Goals

    The start of a new year always feels like the opening of a new book – endless potential and excitement for all the goals we are going to crush in the next 365 days. But how do we stay motivated…

  • Frugal Fitness Tips - How to save money and achieve your health goals!

    F is for Frugal Fitness

    Did you know that it is free to run outside? It doesn’t cost a penny to do a push-up? It can be so easy to fall into the trap of expensive gym memberships or workout gear. I am guilty of this, for…

  • ABCs of Intentional Finance - E is for Excuses - 8 Excuses to let go of to get real with your money and get out of debt

    E is for Excuses to let go of

    Today we are going to unpack excuses that you might be making in your life – excuses to let go of in order to start winning with your money! Some of the reasons people have shared with me about why…

  • ABCs of Personal Finance - C is for Credit Cards - Are you struggling with the cycle of credit card debt? Read this now to GET OUT!

    C is for Credit Cards

    Whether you are drowning in credit card debt or you are debt-free and struggling with life without a credit card – this is the post for you. Today I’m sharing MY experiences and thoughts on credit cards and credit card…

  • B is also for Balance - balancing your priorities and your money with intentional finance

    B is also for Balance

    Balance.  It’s sort of a myth.  Work-life balance implies that your work is separate from your life, and I don’t agree with that. I have amazing colleagues who fill my heart with friendship, and most days, I find my work…

  • B is for Better Budgets

    You know you need a budget, right? Like, for real, I want you to win with your money, to say goodbye to money stress, and the BEST way you can do that is setting up a budget. If you have…

  • A is for Apps, Apps, and more Apps

    In the age of technology, it makes sense that we use the apps and websites available to keep organized, motivated, and moving forward with our goals. But, if you are anything like me, figuring out WHICH apps are best can…

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