August budget reminders to keep you focused and intentional heading into the new month!
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August Budget Reminders

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The original version of this post was published July 26, 2019.

I was going to take this week off from posting, but then yesterday I bought something at Costco and realized I needed to let you know! (Plus, there is a new month just around the corner and I wanted to share these August budget reminders!)

You guys. I bought a snowsuit. It was 32 degrees outside, and I bought a new snowsuit for my kiddo. Because Costco runs on different seasons than the rest of the world, and I know if I skip it now, there won’t be any left in September or October. You know, when people start thinking about snowsuits! So, intentional August budgeting…here we come!

The days are getting shorter, and we are in that sweet spot of cool mornings and hot afternoons that make me want to spend all my waking hours outside. August in our house means birthday preparations and celebrations for both of my boys, back-to-work for me, back-to-school for my little, and a solid craving for summer to last forever! Lots to budget for!

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Make sure you head into August with intention – use these handy budget reminders to get focused before the month begins!

COVID supplies

It pains me to edit this post to add this. But hand sanitizer and masks add something new to your budget, and I want you to be prepared. Whether kids head back to school in the coming weeks or not, consider what you need to navigate the world as safely as possible. And make sure your budget is prepped to help you do that.

Also. Wear a mask.

Fall Sports

You might be on a summer hiatus right now, but chilly soccer sidelines and busy ballet lobbies are coming at ya quick. Sports and extracurricular activities can be a big expense – make sure you build them into your budget!

School Supplies

Pencils, notebooks, indoor sneakers – don’t forget these back-to-school expenses in your August budget. I’ve pulled together some great budget tips to deal with the back-to-school expenses!

Fresh Fall Clothes

Before you go crazy on a new wardrobe, do a once over on everyone’s closets to see what you NEED. I say this because as a teacher I generally buy fresh fall clothes for back to school each year, but do I NEED new clothes? Generally, no. Although, if you have small children who seem to grow another few inches every time you blink, you are probably in the market for some back-to-school threads.

My advice? Shop the sales, shop online via Ebates to get cash back on what you buy, and check out your local thrift stores! There are some great deals to be had on clothing that is in like-new condition!


I feel like a broken record on this one, but seriously – time is ticking! Don’t let the holiday season arrive without being prepared. You are in control of your budget. Tucking some money away each month NOW will make the holiday season so much less stressful!

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Charitable Donations

Do you have giving built into your budget? I know that when money is tight, giving it away feels like the opposite of what you want to do. But, when you put good things into the universe, the universe rewards your kindness. I believe in giving, in some capacity, always. Many people would recommend a 10% number – I think that you should give something, but how much is personal to you and your situation. Choose your favourite charity and build a monthly donation into your budget!

Winter Gear

Yep, it’s that time. If you are like me with a growing boy who doesn’t fit into his snowsuit from one year to the next, start tucking away some bucks now for that extra purchase. I’m hoping that his boots from last year will still fit, but we’ll have to wait and see on that! But either way, I’ll be prepared!

Wrap Up

Well, friends, I hope that these August budget reminders helped you get focused heading into the new month. We might be saying good-bye to summer soon, but it’s time to head into the final stretch of the year ready to rock your financial goals with intention!

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