About Us

Oh hey there!

I’m Katie…aside from being the creative force behind Reach for More, I am also wife to an exceptional husband and momma to a fantastic five-year-old. I teach elementary school during the day, but my goal for the not too distant future is to be able to say goodbye to the classroom and run this business full-time.

Now…a little about our journey

Not that long ago we were a normal family.

Work full time. Family vacations. New clothes. Dinners out. Impulse shopping left, right, and center!
Drowning. In. Debt!!!!

Today, we are WEIRD! We spent just over a year paying off all of our debt and getting in excellent financial shape. We went from wondering how we were going to cover the bills to paying everything with confidence and planning for our future.

Our next goal is building an emergency fund and then paying off our mortgage, but in our hearts, the sky is the limit for what we can do! If you want to read more about our debt-free story, check it out here!

Our mission today is to educate YOU on how you can maximize your money and inspire you to keep going even when the road gets rough. We are building this business to support other people in their dreams of reaching for more with their finances.

We LOVE to hear about your successes and answer your budget/spending/money questions, so drop us a line anytime!

Reach for More