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This post probably contains affiliate links! That means if you click a link and purchase the product, I will get a tiny bit of compensation with no extra cost to you. If you want to dig deep into the legal stuff, check out our disclaimer here.

In the age of technology, it makes sense that we use the apps and websites available to keep organized, motivated, and moving forward with our goals. But, if you are anything like me, figuring out WHICH apps are best can be overwhelming! We want you using apps that will help you be intentional with your finances and we want it to be as easy as possible!

As the first in our brand new series, ABC’s of Intentional Finance, we are taking a look at some of the top finance Apps that are helping take money management and savings to the next level!


Check out these banking apps that will help you be intentional with your finances! 
ABCs of Intentional Finance - A is for Apps

The most important in our list of apps that will help you be intentional with your finances is your banking app. I can’t link you to it, because we almost definitely use different banks! But, to stay focused on your goals and finances, having your bank app available is an incomparable tool.

Banking apps allow you to check in on your balance, track your spending, and move hustle money into savings or onto your debts before you can accidentally spend it! You should be checking your accounts regularly and having the app makes it easier for you to do!

If you don’t have yours yet, go grab it from your App Store now!


Some awesome Budgeting apps that will help you be intentional with your finances! 
ABCs of Intentional Finance - A is for Apps


EveryDollar is my go-to budgeting app. I am a Dave Ramsey baby-stepper; the book Total Money Makeover is what kicked my butt out of debt and onto this passion path of personal finance. So maybe that makes me a bit biased. But, as far as budgeting goes, this one is my favourite.

EveryDollar is free, it uses a zero-based budget format where the goal is assigning every dollar a job, and it is pretty user-friendly. I love the website, but I have it on my phone too, for a quick check-in when I am on the go!

Unfortunately, at this time there is no access to Canadian banks if you want to upgrade to EveryDollar Plus – so that might be a deal-breaker for you. But honestly, it has been life-changing for our family and I can’t recommend it enough!

YNAB – You Need A Budget

In my experience, if you love YNAB, you LOVE YNAB! Anyone I’ve ever met who uses it, cannot speak highly enough about it. You can link it to your bank in Canada and the US, and it pulls your transactions which you then categorize within the app.

The YNAB App has built-in tools to help you pay off debt, curb your spending, and take charge of your financial goals.

The app does come with a cost though – $6.99 a month or $83.99 a year – which I have a tough time spending. But, if you haven’t found a budgeting tool that works for you yet, maybe it’s time to give YNAB a try!


Generally recognized as the best overall budgeting app, there are features every which way on this one. It links to banks in Canada and the US, it updates and auto-categorizes transactions, and it is free! Mint is run by the same folks who bring you Quickbooks and Turbotax, so they are undoubtedly trustworthy. Worth checking out if you are looking for an budgeting app that can do all the things!


These apps will help you make money and be intentional with your finances! 
ABCs of Intentional Finance - A is for Apps

These apps and websites will help you stay intentional with your finances by making you extra money! And who doesn’t love a little extra money??


Get paid to shop, complete surveys, watch videos – why wouldn’t you get started right now? Swagbucks allows you to earn cash back from your online shopping with exclusive, time-sensitive bonuses too!

Where can you shop? Walmart, Old Navy, Expedia, Lululemon, and Sephora, to name a few! Seriously, the list makes me want to get my (budgeted) shop on! You can also earn points (Swag Bucks) by filling out surveys, watching videos, and playing games online! You can redeem points for cash, gift cards, or even use your points to donate to specific charities!

Seriously, check it out now to get a $5 bonus! Get started today!!


Access your favourite online shopping sites via the Ebates app, and get cash back, paid out with a quarterly cheque. Up to 5% at Amazon, 4% at Indigo…the list of connected sites is long and lovely! The Gap, Canadian Tire, Groupon, Lego, – want to start getting cash back? Check it out today and get a $10 bonus when you make your first qualifying purchase!


I have made over a hundred dollars using this app, buying things I would be buying anyway! Why not get cash back for the shopping you are already doing?

Simply check out (Checkout, haha, get it?) the list of offers each week – everything from household cleaners, sour cream, diapers, chocolatey treats, coffee, Nyquil – you name it! Buy the product, take a picture of the receipt, and submit it in the app. Receipts usually get approved within an hour or two, and once you have over $20, you can request a cheque sent right to your mailbox. Whoo whoo!!!

Try it now and get a $5 bonus!

Leo Rewards

This is a survey site with quick rewards. I did a couple of short surveys a day for a few weeks and had earned $25 in no time. It won’t be your new retirement fund, BUT every extra twenty dollars adds up. Put it on your debt, or into your savings!

Sign up here!

Google Opinion Rewards

This app asks you quick questions about places you have recently shopped or about your household and then rewards you anywhere from ten cents to seventy-five cents. Small potatoes, and it isn’t going to make you rich. BUT – those cents add up, and you can turn around and use them to buy apps, audiobooks, ebooks – anything in the Google Play store. I just purchased a couch to 10k app and didn’t pay a dime! Healthy habits supporting healthy habits…what could be better?!

VarageSale & Kijiji

Garage Sales require a lot of work, planning, and sun salutations in the hopes that good weather drives shoppers to your yard. What if you could skip all of that and host your garage sale virtually? Year-round. With no worry about the weather! Amazing. With VarageSale and Kijiji you can list your items by snapping a few pictures and writing a quick description – an easy side-hustle to help you make some extra cash to quickly pay off debt, save your emergency fund, and rock your finances!


Apps to help you save money! 
ABCs of Intentional Finance - A is for Apps

These apps will help you be intentional with your finances by saving you money – discounts, coupons and cheaper prices – yes, please!

Flipp – Flyer Comparison App

This free app can help you stick to your budget, but giving you access to flyers from all the local retailers you love. There is a search function so you can compare prices before you buy, or you can flip through your preferred flyers to find meal planning inspiration! You can also save offers and create a shopping list, plus you can store your store loyalty cards too!

Scribd – Audiobooks & Ebooks

Ok. I’m new to this one. And I am also the first to encourage you to check out your local library for free reads. BUT. I have a list of books I want to read this summer, and I am on the waitlist at the library for them. I joined Scribd with a 30-day free trial, and I can read or listen to any books I want, starting today!

Yeah, it’s not free. But it IS nearly half the cost of the audiobook subscription service I used to have, AND there are no waiting lists! So far, I love it!

Click here to get started with Scribd and get your first 60 days FREE!

Hopper – best deals on flights

This app allows you to enter your destination and travel dates and will help you figure out the best time to book your flights to get the best deal. It will even notify you if the price goes down!

Honey – great deals when shopping online

If you haven’t used Honey yet, hop on it NOW! It’s not a smartphone app, but an extension that you add to your browser that searches out coupon codes to make sure you are getting the best deal possible when you shop online. The best part is that once you install it, Honey is always working for you, so you don’t even have to remember to use it – Honey checks for deals whenever you are shopping!

Try it today!

Final Thoughts

Today we looked at a range of apps that can help you be intentional with your finances. From Budgeting Apps to Money Makers, and Money Savers, there is an app for everyone to make money management less stressful and more fun.

Be sure to Pin this post so you can refer back to the list later!

A is for Apps - A list of finance apps that will help you be intentional with your money! Part 1 of our ABCs of Intentional Finance Series

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