Top Personal Finance Books of 2020

7 Personal Finance Books to Read in 2020

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Today we are digging into some inspiring resources to help keep you motivated when it comes to your finances. These are books that I have read and love OR the ones on my list to dig into, recommended by top financial minds – some of the top personal finance books out there!

You may have landed at Reach for More because you are well on your way with your finances and are looking for some new motivation, or at the starting line wondering what on earth to do first. No matter what your goals are – paying off debt, saving money, making more money, retiring early, balancing your budget – the best way to achieve the goal is to educate yourself. Learn more about the strategies and tips that the people who are the top of their game recommend. 

Whatever the stage of your money journey, it’s crucial to consume content that keeps you motivated. However, personal finance is just that – it’s personal. So what works for me may not inspire you. But the real key is finding something that does inspire YOU! Check out some of the top personal finance books for 2020 to find something that motivates you!

Total Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey

Total Money Makeover is the book that changed my life. Dave lays out seven steps to financial freedom with a healthy dose of humour and relatability. The book walks you through saving your Emergency Fund, getting out of debt, and saving for the life you want! 

The Latte Factor – David Bach

I heard author David Bach speak on a podcast when The Latte Factor came out last year, and this book is currently up next on my reading list. The Latte Factor teaches three lessons for financial freedom, with the main point being that small changes can have a big impact. 

Money Talks – Gail Vaz Oxlade

Having trouble getting on the same page with your spouse about money? Not sure how to get through to your sister, who lives beyond her means? In Money Talks, Gail Vaz Oxlade taps into her years of experience in helping Canadians get on the same page with their money to share insightful stories and help readers make lasting change. 

All the Money in the World – Laura Vanderkam

This book ties in two of my favourite areas of research – finance, and happiness! The lessons Vanderkam teaches are not about getting more but rather, building the life you want by using what you have. Digging into the struggle with comparison and the joy of giving, this book is full of ways to have enough.

Your Money or your Life – Vicki Robin

Wow – in reading the Amazon description of this book, I feel like I’ve been missing out by not having read it yet! Highly recommended by the top money minds (and Oprah!!), this book teaches lessons for all levels of personal finance. I want to say you’ll be hearing more about this book on Reach soon because I can’t wait to dig in! 

Everyday Millionaires – Chris Hogan

First of all – I LOVE his voice. I could listen to Chris Hogan read the instructions in my washing machine manual and be entertained. BUT – good news – this book is FULL of fantastic content. Based on the largest study of millionaires ever, Everyday Millionaires changes how we view wealth and set goals for our finances. If being wealthy is on your to-do list, give this a read (or a listen!)!! 

Love Your Life Not Theirs – Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze is the daughter of Dave Ramsey – the Ramsey family is book-ending this list. This book is less ‘financial plan’ and more ‘financial contentment’. Rachel serves up seven lessons to cultivate healthy money habits and build a life of joy. Say good-bye to the comparison game (the Jones’s are BROKE, btw) and hello to a life that aligns with your values and moves you towards your dreams!

Wrap Up

So – there you have it. The top personal finance books I’ll be digging into this year! I hope you found a book (or three!) that you want to pick up and read right away. You can click the pictures to grab the books on Amazon. I love having books like this in real life because I’m all about underlining, highlighting, and re-reading. BUT – in the spirit of mindful finances – may I also recommend checking your local library for these titles.

OR try out Scribd for free for 60 days. Nearly all of these titles are on there to read or listen to! (FOR FREE!!!) 

Top personal finance books for 2020
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