• Welcome to May…and a brand new budget!

    You guys!! We are busting out May budget reminders and some tips on starting a new budget each month. Are you ready? Can you believe it’s nearly May?? It is amazing how quickly this year is going by – it…

  • Mother's Day from a distance - How to celebrate mother's day during quarantine

    Mother’s Day from a Distance

    Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And this year we are super limited on how we celebrate, because of the whole global-pandemic thing! But just because we can’t be together doesn’t mean mom’s don’t deserve a celebration! It just…

  • Date Night - Why and How to Connect at home for cheap!

    Why you need a date night (and how to make it happen!)

    Regular date nights are a priority in our home. A chance to connect, kid-free, is part of what makes our relationship strong and healthy. Since no one can leave the house right now, I am digging into how to create…

  • How to manage storm mode - dealing with money during crisis

    How to Manage Storm Mode

    You may have heard me talk about storm mode recently and wondered what on earth that means. I use the term storm mode when I’m talking about dealing with anything that is going to put extra stress on your finances.…

  • tips to save money that you don't want to miss!

    More Tips to Save Money

    Oh hello! Last week we hit you with some new strategies to save money on food. Today we are coming in hot with some more tips to save money around the house. These tips could help you during the current…

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