• March budget reminders

    March Budget Reminders

    Spring is in the AIR!! Or at least I seriously hope it is, you guys. I’m ready for warmer days and flower buds and planning my garden. But realistically, based on where I live, that may just be daydreaming for…

  • Live a life with more Joy

    J is for Joy – 22 amazingly effective happiness hacks

    Joy. Perhaps my favourite emotion to experience. Not over-the-top elation; joy is more simple than that. This three-letter word packs a big punch, though, so today we are exploring ways to build more joy into your life. Life can get…

  • Learn why setbacks do not have to equal failure - with 4 questions to ask yourself to get back on track!

    How to stop letting simple setbacks lead to failure!

    Think of a time when you were working towards a goal. In the beginning, you are fired up, super motivated to make progress. But then – bam! Something gets in your way. Maybe you are training for a race, and…

  • A list of all of my favourite things - these are the tools I use to level up my life and live with intention every single day!

    A few of my favourite things

    In honour of Valentine’s day, I decided to create a round-up of some of my favourite things! These are the tools I love that keep me intentional and on track in my life (plus some things I love that simply…

  • I is for Intention - find out the absolute best ways to get intentional with your money and your life!

    I is for Intentional Living

    Intention. I use this word a LOT, and I thought it was time for us to dig into what it really means. “Intention: a determination to act in a certain way; an aim or plan.” So when I talk about…

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