• january budget reminders

    January Budget Reminders

    How on earth is it already January?!? Yikes, 2019 went by in a flash, and all of a sudden, we are creating our January budget! What?! It is time for some budget reminders to get ready for January. But first……

  • Reflections on one year debt-free

    One year Debt-free anniversary!

    Friends! Tomorrow is our debt-free-iversary!   One year ago, December 19th, 2018, we made our final payment on our Line of Credit, finishing a sixty-five thousand dollar journey and achieving perhaps the biggest goal we had ever set out for. For…

  • 50 lessons we've learned about money and life

    50 things we’ve learned about money (and life)

    You guys!! This is our fiftieth blog post. 50!!! Just under a year ago, we made our final payment on our debts. That was when we started sharing our journey, the why, and the how that got us to that moment. And…

  • Find out why you should sign up for swagbucks today!

    why you should sign up for swagbucks

    The holidays are quite literally right around the corner, which means we are making lists and checking them twice. I am a big fan of shopping early (I’m actually already very close to DONE), and I also LOVE to shop…

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